Top 5 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips [VIDEO]


    Before you head out on your motorcycle, paying attention to a few simple maintenance tasks can help keep your bike operating smoothly and help ensure a safe ride. Motorcycle enthusiast Jamie Robinson of shares his top five maintenance tips before heading out on the open road.

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    Ay up. I’m Jamie for MotoGeo and I’m going to give you my top five maintenance tips that you should do before going for a ride on your motorbike.

    Number one: check the tires. You really need good tires. It’s the first point of contact between you and the road. First is the tread. Now, you should have a tire bar located in the tread — it’s a slightly raised piece in the groove. Should your tread be getting close to that raised piece, you need to look at changing your tires. Can you not find the raised piece, it’s definitely time to change it. Quick, easy trick is get a penny, stick it in the groove. Now, should the tread go over Lincoln’s hair, you’re good. Should you be able to see all of Lincoln’s hair, change your tires. My top tire tip is don’t mismatch — keep the same brand and model. Radials, for example, do not work with non-radials. Different tread patterns do not work together. Keep them the same.

    Number two: check the brakes. Now, it’s really easy to check the brake pad wear on a motorcycle. Just look down the disc and you can see your brake pads and then you can see how much meat you have on the pad. Once you’ve located the brake pad look for the wear grooves — no grooves time to change your brake pads. And my talk top tip is: always use brake cleaner, as it removes brake fluid, grease and all oil.

    Number three: check the fluids. Check the viewing window — that will tell you exactly where the fluid level is at. Should the fluids be low, top them off, but keep within the recommended guidelines. And my top tip is get your bike level before you check the fluids. Should your bike be on an angle, it’ss going to give you an incorrect reading.

    Number four: check the chain. Happy chain is a happy motorbike. So keep each in well-adjusted and lubricated.

    Number five: check the nuts and bolts. Check all of the nuts and bolts on your motorbike and get to know your machine. Make sure everything is tight and nothing’s come loose. And should you be new to maintenance, my top tip is: righty tighty, lefty loosey. And don’t forget…check your service manual. And should you be unsure about the integrity or quality of any of your motorcycle parts, take your bike to a professional and get it repaired properly.

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